John Walker John Walker

John Walker

John Walker is an IUEC Elevator Constructor and has been a certified diver since 1978.  His occupation is what helps him pursue his true passion, exploring our world, underwater.  His exploration is diverse, extending from beaches and lakes to shipwrecks and caves.   John was an underwater educator from 1984 to 2004, specializing in mix gas diving and overhead environments such as caves and shipwrecks.  He had taught through accredited agencies such as NAUI, IANTD and GUE.  He is an accomplished cave cartographer and wreck explorer, diving hundreds of shipwrecks such as the USS Monitor, USS Wilkes Barre, UB88 as well as many aircraft casualties.   But nothing intrigues him more than finding the skeletal remains of ancient human and prehistoric animals or Mayan pottery thousands of feet inside of a water filled cave.  Since John's retirement from teaching scuba, there is a better chance of finding him behind a video camera underwater than a chalk board in the class room.