War History

The following brief War History of the UB-88 was obtained from the British Admiralty Office in London, by Naval Operations, Washington:

“UB-88 is a small ocean going type of submarine carrying one gun, ten torpedoes and a crew of about thirty officers and men. She was commanded by Kapitan Leutnant Von Robenau.

“She probably did her trials in February and March 1918, but did not leave Germany until the first week in June.

“She proceeded to the vicinity of Flamborough Head on the east coast of England, where she sank two steamers. She apparently had been allotted to the Flanders Flotilla, since she proceeded south and arrived at Zeebrugge on June 12, 1918.

“She left there on June 20, and proceeded again to the east coast of England where she sank six steamers. She was back in Zeebrugge again on July 1.

“On July 29 she left the Flanders coast and then proceeded via the Straits of Dover into the English Channel. Her area of operations during this cruise was probably off Brest, where she torpedoed steamers.

“She returned to Zeebrugge on August 11, having again passed the Straits of Dover.
“Her next voyage commenced about September 12, when she again proceeded via Dover to the English Channel. (She is believed to have been the last German submarine successfully to have passed Dover Straits.)

“This time she operated in Tor Bay for about a week, sinking four steamers. She then decided to return to Flanders via the north of Scotland, and arrived at Zeebrugge on September 29, only to find the complete evacuation of the Flanders coast was taking place.

“She was forced to leave there for Germany on October 1, and probably arrived in Germany on October 5.

“She surrenderd at Harwich, England on November 27, 1918.”